Konta is a platform for managing supplier expenses, starting from the reception of the invoice to its payment. With this solution, companies can monitor their supplier spend, including payment deadlines, risks related to fraud and other common mistakes. They can also have a real-time visibility on payables and risk exposure for a particular supplier.


"The Fintech Challenge is a perfect example of what creating innovation between Startups and a Large Group should look like. The mobilization of BCP's teams and their professionalism enabled us not only to respond to a key issue for the group, but also to accelerate the development of our product, in a spirit of exchange and openness". 

Mehdi Zirari, Co-founder KONTA




The vision of Omniup is to offer free wifi connections to the largest number of Morrocans. This startup allows large companies to interact with people in their sales locations through free wifi. Omniup has built this solution with Banque Centrale Populaire to better interact with customers when they are in a branch and they connect to the wifi.


"As a startup, we are very often contacted by corporates who want to surf on the « startup wave » for advertising purposes only. With BCP, the collaboration focused on efficiency and agility. The BCP group has given back its letters of nobility to the notion of Open Innovation in Morocco. A dedicated team, people from several departments mobilized and committed who really challenged the solution at all levels (technical, financial and legal). All this has clearly allowed us to improve ourselves by trying to offer the best to the bank. And in doing so, we have shown that working with a startup is first and foremost about doing business by developing local R&D... "

Ali Bensouda, Co-founder of  OMNIUP




Onloutou has built a solution for automating debt collection and for management of the vehicles fleet via an IoT (Internet Of Things) technology.


"The Fintech Challenge has enabled us to make real an important collaboration with an African financial group in a spirit of collaboration with a dedicated team that has done everything possible to facilitate dialogue and create a team spirit between us and the staff of Banque Atlantique. " 

Diaby Ousmane Adams, Co-founder d’ONLOUTOU